*A Mandatory Active Shooter Training has been set for Center staff on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 3 pm. it will be in the cafeteria at LCCS. The meeting will last 3 hours.
Another date will be scheduled in August during the day for Haynes House Group Home. Waiver staff are welcome to come to either but must inform office staff they are coming 3 days prior to meeting. More information on the date will be forthcoming.

*The Lawrence County Cooperative School will be holdings its Annual Mail-A-Thon beginning MARCH 1, 2017. For more information visit the website at….

This is our once a year fund raising event. No amount is too small or too large . Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause and share this post so it will reach more people . Thank you in advance for your support of Lawrence County Cooperative School. Help us make a difference in the lives of our individuals we serve.





In light of demonstrations across the country targeting police officers in the recent months, a few of the Lawrence County Cooperative students wanted to show police officers we appreciate their sacrifice.
Students delivered cookies, candy bouquets, and appreciation letters to the Walnut Ridge police, Lawrence County Sherriff’s office, Hoxie Police department and State Police offices on Thursday.
The gesture was meant to show officers that young people still view them as heroes and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. We appreciate all they do for our community. Thank you to Jordan Cooksey, Glen Smith, Jeff Yates, Tony Waldrupe, and Scotty Dail for taking time out of your busy day to visit with us.




Thank You,We wish to express how grateful we are for the continued support of our community. The total of the Mail-a-Thon for 2016 was $5055.00.

If you would like to become a sponsor, you may send your donations to: P. O. Box 16, Portia, AR 72457 or visit our website at: for more information.

We welcome our community to come any time to see the facility. It has really grown in the last 40 years, but would not have been possible without your support.

Lisa Williams,

Executive Director

Lawrence County Cooperative School, Inc.


The Lawrence County Cooperative School will be holdings it’s Annual Mail-A-Thon next week.  Will be mailing out letters for contributions on Wednesday, March 1, 2016.  Please be looking for these letters in the mail.  If you have never donated and want to mail a contribution please mail to: Lawrence County Cooperative School, Inc. P. O. Box 16, Portia, AR  72457.  We greatly appreciate all of our supporters.  Please feel free to always come by anytime to see where your money goes.


Mandatory staff meeting – Monday, July 18, 2016.


Lawrence County Cooperative School is proud to recognize two outstanding Community Waiver employees of the year, Sara Gott and Jennifer Hoffman. Sara has been employed with Lawrence County Cooperative since May 2007 and Jennifer has been employed since November 2010. We truly appreciate their dedication employees and willingness to go above and beyond their job responsibilities to make a difference in the lives of our individuals and their families. Each employee was presented with gift certificates.

Following is Sara’s nomination letter which was submitted by Mary Lawson:
Sara has been a God send to our family. She is a very loving, caring person who gives her very best to our Kim and they truly love each other. Sara is wonderful at encouraging Kim to try new things. When Kim is in Sara’s care, we place our trust in her, knowing she is giving Kim the very best possible care. When returning from being with Sara, Kim is always so excited and can’t wait to share their adventures with us.
Sara is a Christian who serves and loves the Lord, which makes her even more special to our family. We know if Kim is sick or in need, we can call Sara and she will pray for Kim and our family. She has made such a difference in Kim’s life. She’s always willing to help anytime we need it and she gives 100 percent to Kim and our family. Our family will never be able to thank God enough for placing Sara in our life. If anyone deserves an award, it is our blessed Sara.
Following is Jennifer’s nomination letter which was submitted by Harold Bailey:
I would like to nominate Jennifer Hoffman as Community Waiver Employee of the year. About six years ago, Latishia’s cousin by marriage, Jennifer Hoffman, became a valuable asset to Latishia and me. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Jennifer is the same age as Latishia. Over and above the outstanding work that she does, Jennifer and Latishia have become the very best of friends. Jennifer’s quiet ways and soothing personality are exactly what Latishia needs. About a year ago Jennifer and her husband Daniel had a baby boy. Reid was born with severe problems that required a week hospital stay. Even with her own problems, she never forgot about Tish and constantly stayed in touch. When Reid was able to travel, she brought him for Tish to see because she knows how much Tish loves children. Jennifer has been such a positive influence on my daughter and continues to do so. It is a joy to see the mutual love these two share.
Since Donna, Tish’s mother passed away almost two years ago, Jennifer has helped filled the void in Tish’s life. What a pleasure to see someone enjoy their work and do such a service to my daughter at the same time.



Adult Program – Rachel’s Classroom 

Congratulations To: Travis, Michael, Christina, Vince for participating in class and writing the below poem as part of their learning activity:

 Rain is great in the fall

When I’m going to the mall.

Autumn leaves turn brown

But round and round we go

Relaxing in a pile of leaves.

Don’t rake them please

Oh, how I love the sun bringing

Light to my darkness.


 A “Slide-by-Slide Deluxe Playcenter” is one of the items purchased for the Lawrence County Cooperative School in Portia with grant money from the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Council of Northeast Arkansas. UCP Council representatives (back, from left): Bobby Puryear and Chairman Gary Wells visit with Tammy Davis, LCCS early childhood special education teacher, and some of the students, including (front): Eli Haynes, Danny Goforth, Adrian Phillips, John Jacobs, Brandon Douglas and Alec Brogdon.


UCP grant provides $10,573 in equipment for LCCS

A grant from United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Council of Northeast Arkansas is making a big difference to preschool students enrolled at the Lawrence County Cooperative School in Portia. Playground and educational equipment totaling $10,573 was purchased with the grant.

Gary Wells, chairman, and Bobby Puryear, both longtime members of the UCP Council of Northeast Arkansas, visited the school on Monday and explained that funds for the grant came from the annual UCP Telethon.

In January of each year, on a Sunday that is usually a week prior to the Super Bowl, the UCP of Northeast Arkansas holds the telethon. The telethon is televised on KAIT8 and raises approximately $100,000 each year.

“All the money that we raise stays right here in Northeast Arkansas,” said Wells.

Lisa Williams, executive director of the LCCS, said, “I appreciate what UCP always does for us… The kids and staff were so appreciative of what we got this year. I personally want to thank everyone who contributes the UCP Telethon.” 

Clay Sloan of Walnut Ridge has been a VIP fundraiser for Lawrence County in recent years. Some of the others from Lawrence County who have been involved with UCP and the telethon have included Alex Latham, Keith Brand, Philip Clark Leroy E. Clark, as well as Glenna Mosier, a former director at the school.

The UCP Council of Northeast Arkansas serves 14 counties and typically receives requests for grants, and then the volunteer council votes on how to distribute the funds. The region served by the council contains seven or eight programs and facilities similar to the Lawrence County Cooperative School.

The UCP Council tries to focus on equipment needs. Puryear explained that some needs are not funded by Medicaid and fall through the cracks.

“We really appreciate all that they do for us,” said Tammy Davis, LCCS early childhood special education teacher.

The LCCS has received other grants in the past, including matching funds to help the school purchase a van and funds for a storage building.

 The $10,573 UCP grant has helped the Lawrence County Cooperative School purchase a number of pieces of equipment.

Among the big-ticket items purchased is a Slide-by-Slide Deluxe Playcenter and a Skyward Summit “mountain” climbing structure, both for the outdoor playground.

Other equipment items purchased include: Winter Viking Premium Trikes, Extra-Deep Sand & Water Table, Around the Town Pack, Storage Tree, Block Play Homes, Block Play Store Doors, Science Discover Chest, Store & Display Teaching Chart and a Store & Explore Science Cart.



On April 10th, we will be holding a prom type event entitled One Enchanted Evening for the adult individuals in our program. Some of our students have never had an opportunity to attend a high school prom, so we are striving to make this a memorable evening.  After reaching out on social media, many caring citizens donated prom dresses, jewelry, corsages, food and many other items and services. As results of a fund-raising effort, a full sit down meal, limousine rides and a dance with a DJ and a grand march entrance will be provided to make this a special night.


On Thursday, March 19, 2015., Sara Israel, Executive Director for Developmental Disabilities Providers Association in Little Rock came to visit the center. She toured our Haynes House and Center Base Program. We were delighted to have her.



Annual Mail-A-Thon is approaching soon.  It will be held the March 4, 2015.  For those of you on our listing be looking for your mail.  If you would like to be added or donate please mail donations to: P. O. Box 16, Portia, AR 72457.  All donations are greatly appreciated


**Kiwanis Christmas visit

Thanks to the Kiwanis for the generous gifts to kids and adults. The individuals loved Santa and receiving the gifts. It is appreciated very much for what they do. Thank you Kiwanis!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!



The newly elected Senator Blake Johnson visited our program. Our staff and clients really enjoyed his visit

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